Dave Schwartz, owner and founder of Schwartz’s Krautburger Kitchen displaying a variety of Krautburgers


Since 1988, Schwartz’s Krautburger Kitchen has been serving fresh, home-style Krautburgers from our Kitchen in Evans, Colorado. Here are just a few comments from our customers.

"As good as the ones my mom makes"      "Best ever"
"I drove from Pueblo to get these"    "I’m so glad I found these"
"Your Krautburgers are great"
"Thanks for being here, don’t ever close!"


schwartzskrautburgerWhat is a Krautburger?
Several people tend to associate krautburgers with sauerkraut. Although some people use sauerkraut in their burgers, at Schwartz’s we use fresh steamed cabbage instead. It is a lot more work but we think it is worth it. Schwartz’s Krautburgers are made with fresh steamed cabbage, ground beef, onions and spices baked inside fresh made bread. Using an old family recipe, passed down through generations, we are proud to serve today’s generations. Other names for Krautburgers include Cabbage Pockets, Bierocks, Kraut runza, Bierochen and German Burgers.


Cheese, Jalapenos and Krautburgers!
In addition to our Regular (traditional) krautburgers, we also make them with cheese, and for an extra kick try our Hot (jalapeno) and Cheese Krautburger with cheese and Jalapeno peppers added to our traditional mix.


Free Krautburger!
Buy 12 krautburgers, and your next one is FREE! Or, buy a dozen all at once, and get your free one right away. This used to be called a “Baker’s Dozen” and at Schwartz’s, it still is!


Call Ahead, Save Time and Money
As a takeout Restaurant, we want to have fresh, hot krautburgers ready when you are. If you are planning to pick up 6 or more, please give us a call at 330-0509 to make sure they will be ready for you. Plus, if you call ahead 30 minutes or more before picking up, you will save $2 on 6-11 krautburgers, and save $5 on a dozen or more!


Coffee Cake, Grebble, Cinnamon Rolls and more
In addition to our famous Krautburgers, we also serve coffee cake, grebble (German sugar donut), cinnamon rolls, and other treats and sweets!


Thank you for visiting our site. Check back as we add more pages, and more information. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at Schwartz’s Krautburger Kitchen!
Call Ahead to Save Time and Money!

Call in your carry-out order 30 minutes or more before picking up and SAVE

$2.00 off 6-11 Krautburgers
$5.00 off 12 or more Krautburgers


Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m

820 39th Street
Evans, CO 80620
(East of Hwy 85)



Evans Fest,
2nd Saturday in September 
Evans, CO

Greeley Oktoberfest,
4th Saturday in September  
Lincoln Park,
Greeley, CO

Taste of Weld,
Thursday March 20, 2014 Island Grove Exhibition Hall,
Greeley, CO